PT INDOPORLEN was established in 1975 to respond to the rapid economic and industrial growth in Indonesia.

The Company’s determined commitment is to provide specific, reliable and economical solutions to numerous industrial sectors using high temperature processes, such as iron, steel, aluminium, tin, cement, fertilizer, oil and gas, petrochemical, glass, power plants, incinerators, and other industries.


Located in the strategic industrial area of Bekasi, supported by more than 500 employees and having high production capacity of Alumina & Magnesia Based Monolithics, Precast block refractories and Fire Bricks, PT. INDOPORLEN is able to give a fast response to the continuous changes in the dynamic Indonesian industrial market. The Company’s technical expertise and research and development capabilities, combined with consistent product process control and advanced technology, ensure its customers are provided with the highest quality products. The Company has earned the confidence of both state-owned and private companies in Indonesia as well as overseas.


In order to fulfill customers' demand, in 1988, PT INDOPORLEN extended its business into the engineering field service industry.

PT INDOPORLEN SAKTI was established to meet customers' needs in the design of complete refractory systems as well as installation.


In 1990, Lafarge Refractories, the leading monolithic refractory producer in France, which became a member of Calderys in 2005, appointed PT. INDOPORLEN to be its sole agent in Indonesia.


In June 2013, Calderys (member of Imerys) and PT. Indoporlen have entered a Joint Venture operation in Indonesia.

Calderys and Indoporlen share a common commitment to providing total refractory solutions. They have decided to unite their forces into a Joint Venture company.

The new Joint Venture Company will provide a clear and strong base for technical and commercial cross-fertilisation in a very dynamic country. The complementary strengths of Calderys and Indoporlen

will be used:

* To provide customers with enriched value-added installation services and project management,

* To service customers with a common comprehensive range of high quality products,

* To continually meet the growing needs of the dynamic Indonesian market.


With the support of Calderys’ access to strategic raw materials, R&D and technology expertise and worldwide network, Indoporlen will reinforce its leading position in Indonesia, providing world-class refractory solutions. 

With the integration of Indoporlen, Calderys is going to increase by 30 % its sales in South-East Asia. The weight of Indonesia in their total Asian market will also be significantly increased and be more aligned with the growth potential of this country.